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Engineering Lead @ Rhetoric



San Francisco, CA, USA · Chicago, IL, USA · New York, NY, USA
Posted on Monday, September 18, 2023

Engineering Lead @ Rhetoric

San Francisco
New York
Los Angeles
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Record and deliver powerful, persuasive presentations with Rhetoric. Don’t just send slides, present them. Click here to watch an intro video.

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We believe that video will continue to play a leading role in the future of work and presentations will become asynchronous video deliverables. However, presentation is a difficult, anxiety-inducing, and imperfect experience. Users go through multiple takes (3-4 on average), make countless errors, and end up compromising on imperfections by shipping a product they wish was better. They are hungry for feedback on how to improve their presentation. Rhetoric makes it easy to record high quality presentations via collaborative/AI-based feedback and intelligent editing.


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About Us

We are a seed-stage startup backed by top investors in Silicon Valley: Floodgate, Bloomberg Beta, A*, Liquid-2, and Tango. We raised a pre-seed in late September and have moved fast with some amazing contractors to build the MVP product and validate the use case with customers. We are still early and excited to bring together a founding team to take us to the Series A. Watch an intro video here.

Your Role

We are looking for a strong engineering lead to join the team. As our first in-house engineering hire, you will take ownership of our technical stack, and help drive the vision of the company.
Background: 4+ years of experience developing and launching products. You have ideally built and launched web apps from scratch.
Ownership: Interested in owning the technical direction for Rhetoric. This means building a scalable and secure system, prioritizing features and engineering requirements based on user feedback, and constantly evaluating future needs.
Proficiency: Experience with FE and BE (React, Python, Postgres, Heroku) with an interest in natural language processing. Preference for server side engineers.
UX: Obsesses over building incredible user experiences. You love reviewing user behavior metrics and running experiments.
Team: Prioritizes an inclusive and diverse culture. Evaluates team needs and hires accordingly. You are open to project managing 1-2 remote contractors if necessary.
Bonus points: if you have worked with speech-to-text and/or video APIs
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We value transparency and guarantee to move the interview process along as quickly as possible. Watch an intro video here. Here is what it will look like:

Fill out this form or schedule a discovery call with Raman (CEO & Founder) here. This will be 15-20 minutes and primarily about us. We’ll tell you a bit more about the vision, the team, and what we are looking for (experience, fit, salary, etc.). If this seems interesting to you...
We’ll schedule a deep dive call (45 minutes). We’d love to hear about your background, what excites you, and what you are looking for in your next role.
If we are mutually excited, we’ll schedule an in-person meeting (we’ll come to you) and some additional intro meetings with the rest of our team / investors.

In your first 3 months, you will:

Build. You will take an ownership role immediately - diving into the roadmap and we’ll review the roadmap together and make adjustments. Rhetoric we be a shared vision, and we will work closely to align on purpose and mission so that we can execute efficiently.
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Culture is extremely important to me. We will operate off the following values:
Personal growth & learning
Rhetoric aims to seamlessly facilitate self-improvement and growth for our customers. We strive towards an environment which frees people to act and build towards this vision. This means getting better at what you do. Learning happens from each other, and we’re all better off when we teach what we know.
Be purposeful
Lead with a clear vision, a realistic roadmap, and desire to invent. We need to imagine the future to create, and explain why it’s important to achieve it. Our actions should work towards this purpose.
A clear vision inspires the roadmap. The real work is in execution towards building the innovations we can imagine. Make purposeful decisions backed with evidence and logic. Talk to customers. Close the deal. Measure behaviors and systems.
Love the challenge
Put in the hours. This is coupled to focus: put in the hours on the right things. Remember that time only exists if you do not spend time on the wrong things.
The reason tech companies dominate markets is through creating unfair advantages with technology. Technology isn’t the answer to every problem, but fear of working on something hard should never block an idea.
Be tough on ideas, not people. Honesty drives efficiency.
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